For program scheduling, contact:

Ken & Tammy Forsman

Daytime: (269) 355-2391

Evening: (616) 610-2846

*Due to COVID-19, we have procedures in place to ensure the health and safety of all involved. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know*

Practice Dates
January 14-16, 2022 Arrival: 6:00pm
Pickup: 2:00pm
Pennway Church of God
Lansing, MI
February 12, 2022 9am - 3pm Pennway Church of God
Lansing, MI
Concert Dates
March 20, 2022 TBA TBA
April 24, 2022 TBA TBA
May 22, 2022 TBA TBA
June 26, 2022 TBA TBA
Week Tour Dates
July 23 - 31, 2022 TBA TBA

For detailed choir member scheduling, please refer to your letter.